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FZA-2155 Cheque Personalisation


FZA-2155 (BP63)

The FZA-2155 is a mid to high volume impact cheque printer that prints personalisation and MICR characters simultaneously in one single pass. The printer has the ability to print quality cheques and international standard MICR documents.

The FZA-2155 prints both CMC7 and E13B MICR characters and pre-encodes cheque numbers, account and BSB numbers, payee’s details, and any general fields required for cheque processing.

Using impact technology, the FZA-2155 produces high security MICR documents that are guaranteed to reduce rejected cheque problems, payment delays and associated bank fees.

The impact technology delivers high quality documents, as MICR ribbon are letter-pressed into the documents. Unlike MICR laser technologies, MICR characters are harder to remove compared with using laser technology’s thermal heat making impact printed cheques more resistant to frauds.

Performing both cheque personalisation and MICR printing all in one device removes the need of using two devices for the same purpose. The FZA-2155 saves time, money and cost to personalise and print MICR characters, with a printing capacity of 45 documents per minute . The device uses separate a ink to print personalisation and a magnetic ribbon for MICR codes. This makes FZA-2155 consumables very cost effective for long term use.

The FZA-2155 is suitable for automatic use. The FZA-2155 is easy to integrate with SmartChequebook™  a cheque book issuing solution. The SmartChequebook™ application stores and manage all customer information making MICR printing fast, efficient and error-proof. The application allows the users to retrieve customer data from the banks' customer information system (CIF)* and enters the number of books requires printing. The FZA-2155 then automatically pre-encodes their information with MICR characters unto the cheques. The application comes with a database inventory that records all cheque issuing activities for subsequent printings*. This prevents redundant cheque to be issued enhancing cheque securities for banks and customers.

Apart from cheque book issuing, the FZA-2155 is suitable to be used in cheque clearing facilities and provides an upgrade path for all encoding needs. FZA-2155 encodes all amounts written by customers on cheques for automated amount encoding.

Make FZA-2155 a great addition to your cheque clearing processes.

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* Integration to CIF and cheque inventory requires further discussions


Document Feeder Type: Auto hopper
Capacity: 500 documents (with 0.116mm)
MICR Encoder Font Read” E13B, CMC7 (selectable)
Encoding Fields: All fields (Max 65 columns)
MICR Ribbon Type: Cassette one-time ribbon (65,000 characters / cassette)
Inkjet Printer Number of Printing Head: 3 IJP heads of 4 lines each
Character Font: Can print any Windows fonts and bitmap image (signature, stamp, logo …)
Vertical Printing Position (Manual Adjust): 17-105mm from bottom to upper side of printed character
Colour of Print: Black
Stacker  Capacity: 500 documents (with 0.116mm document)
Documents Length: 152-280mm
Specifications Height: 63-115mm
Thickness: 0.096-0.116mm
Processing Speed 60-75 documents/minute
Dimension  1120(W) x 495(D) x 410(H)mm
Weight 25.0 kg
Power Supply  100-240V
Communication Interface  USB1.1


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