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FB-20 Cheque Scanner

FB-20 Cheque Scanner

Fuji FB-20

The FB-20 is one of the fastest portable cheque image scanners, designed for both front and back office operations environments.

Scanning, storing, archiving and retrieving cheque images and MICR data can now be easy, flexible and accurate without compromising time, effort and money.


  • Process up to 97 cheque documents per minute
  • Auto document feeder holds up to 100 cheques with double-feed detection
  • Convenient single or dual-pocket sorter separated into valid & reject pocket.
  • Built-in endorser with ink jet printer for validation
  • Double-sided image scanner with bi-tonal, greyscale and full colour options
  • Easy integration to other applications
  • Scan high image resolutions up to 300 dpi
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  • Ideal for high volume cheque scanning
  • High speed cheque scanning with auto-feeder/ auto-hopper instead of manual feeding
  • High quality front and rear images MICR capture in B/W (bi-tonal), greyscale and colour
  • Capture full cheque image (both front & rear) simultaneously with MICR data & endorsement for audit purposes
  • When combined with SMARTARCHIVEā„¢, FB- 20 scans, stores, archives and retrieves all scanned information

When compact footprint, cutting-edge technology and speed are needed, the FB-20 is the ideal solution to give your business a competitive advantage in processing cheque documents.The FB-20 meets real world demand without having to make great expenditures. The FB-20 has the ability to scan and endorse cheque images, as well as read MICR data efficiently and conveniently. The FB-20 is equipped with a document auto-feeder that holds up to 100 cheques at a time and single / dual-pocket to separate valid and invalid cheques.

At 97 documents per minute, as well as capturing both front and rear images of cheque documents in bi-tonal, grey-scale and colour, the FB-20 is the sharpest tool in creating swift and effortless operations.Also, its USB 2.0 plug-and-play connection makes integrating to PCs convenient.FB-20 is integration capable with SMARTARCHIVEā„¢, a solution that allows the user to obtain cheque images and MICR data with its user-defined and flexible search criteria for faster and more accurate data retrieval.


Document Feeder Type: Auto hopper with the Ultra-Sound double feed detection
Capacity: 100 documents (with 0.116mm thickness document)
Length: 80-240mm
Height: 50-120mm
Thickness: 0.095-0.156mm
MICR Reader Font Read: E13B, CMC7 (selectable)
Number of Characters: 65 characters or less
Recognition Rate: More than 99%
Endorser Print Head Type: ink jet printer
Character Size: 7.5cpi, 10cpi, 15cpi
Vertical Print Position: Fixed 33mm from document bottom
Image Scanner  Capture Module: Contact Image Sensor
Capture Side : Front and Rear
Representation: 256 gray levels, Bi-tone (White/Black), Colour (256 level x 3 primary colour) 
Resolution : 200, 240, 250, 300 dpi
Scanning area : 108(H) x 235(W)mm
Stacker Capacity 150-200 documents
PC Interface USB 2.0
Dimensions 425(W) x 168 (D) x 213 (H) mm
Weight 4.7kg (AC Adapter not included)
Power Supply AC Adapter / 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Environment Req.  Temperature: 5-35C
Humidity: 30-80%RH
Sys Requirements Operating System: Windows XP/Vista
PC Performance: Processor Intel Pentium 4, CoreTM2 Duo or more
Memory: 1GB or more
Certification CE, UL, CSA. FCC, CCC, RoHS. WEEE, China RoHS


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