RDM EC7000i Series

RDM EC7000i Series is the industry’s first feature-rich, low cost, two-sided scanner. With its small footprint, connectivity to the most popular POS terminals, and industry leading MICR and image technology, the EC7000i Series provides a low cost, two-sided imaging solution for merchants and low volume billers who want to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Cheque 21.

The EC7000i Series scanners feature a standard USB port, in addition to a wide variety of optional features such as Franking Acknowledgment printer, internal alphanumeric OCR A and B character recognition, OCR E13B MICR Assist, and 3-track bi-directional Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR), positioning it as one of the most versatile and reliable products in the marketplace.

Utilizing RDM’s Progressive MICR Method, the EC7000i Series of imagers deliver the industry’s highest MICR read accuracy which results in lower administrative returns due to MICR misreads and rejects. In addition to RDM’s industry leading “single pass” Progressive MICR Method, the optional OCR E13B MICR Assist feature can be enabled to provide maximum recognition, performance and accuracy to virtually 100% read rate. The EC7000i Series also captures crisp, clear binary images exceeding the industry’s requirements for legible images.

As an optional feature, the Franking Acknowledgment printer prints a fixed text message on the front face of the cheque facilitating the requirement for cheque defacement in one simple process, increasing efficiency, which is vital in the point-of-purchase (POP) environment.

Under application control, the bi-directional document drive in the EC7000i Series can be paused to hold documents pending an authorization decision. For approved transactions, cheques are returned to the user "face down" through the exit slot. Transactions that are denied cause the cheque to be returned to the user "face up" from the exit slot.

Key Features

  • Includes all of the industry leading features of RDM’s EC6000i Series
  • Captures a high-quality two-sided binary image of the cheque in seconds
  • Lowest cost two-sided imager in the industry
  • Optional Franking Acknowledgement Printer
  • Utilizes RDM’s patented Progressive MICR Method delivering the highest MICR read rate in the industry
  • Optional bi-directional Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)
  • Standard USB connectivity provides flexible connection to PC-based applications
  • Standard 2-year manufacturer warranty


Internal Image Storage (memory)

  • Standard memory capacity approximately 225 images*
  • Optional memory capacity approximately 625 images*

*Based on 11kb size


  • CCITT Group 4 compression (ITU T.6) of bi-level image
  • TIFF 6.0 file format
  • MICR line with transaction information included in header description tags of cheque image
  • OCR line with transaction information included in header description tags of bill stub
  • Image size varies according to document, typically 11kb or less
  • High quality binary (black and white) 200 dpi nominal


  • Minimum         : 55mm x 112mm
  • Maximum        : 112mm x 227mm)
  • Paper weight  : 8lb to 100lb (thermal paper to business card stock)

Physical Dimensions

  • Std model        : 150mm x 259mm x 122mm (W x D x H)
  • MSR mode      : 150mm x 259mm x 135mm (W x D x H)


  • Renesas (Hitachi) SH-3 32-bit RISC 133 Mhz

Communication Ports

  • Power: Mini-Din 3-pin
  • USB: Type-A connector (V1.1)
  • AUX: Mini-DIN 8-pin
  • COM: Mini-DIN 9-pin
  • TEL/Ethernet: RJ11 for optional modem; RJ45 for optional Ethernet

Magnetic Read
E13B MICR character set. Uses RDM’s Progressive MICR Method for optimum MICR read accuracy

Bi-directional Cheque Drive
Bi-directional document drive can be paused under application control to hold a cheque pending an authorization decision, and provide visual disposition of the decision by returning the cheque to the user via the exit slot face up if approved or face down if denied.


  • Developer’s Kit includes: Application Developer’s Kit (ADK) for Windows
  • Sample Application SAXCo and Serial Interface Kit


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