RDM_Synergy II Cheque Scanner

RDM Synergy II


RDM SYNERGY II is a powerful, All-in-One, feature-rich, electronic payment solution. RDM SYNERGY II utilizes RDM’s best of breed technology advancements delivering the perfect solution for Electronic Cheque Conversion (ECC) and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Cheque 21 transactions, as well as credit, debit, EBT and loyalty/gift cards.

With true firewall capabilities, the software architecture of RDM SYNERGY II provides multiple application/ merchant support for all industry types: retail, retail with tip, MOTO, hospitality, hospitality with tip. RDM SYNERGY II is equipped with ‘single pass’ Progressive MICR Method, IQA (Image Quality Analysis), duplicate detection and OCR MICR Assist for maximum recognition, performance and accuracy. OCR MICR Assist provides an additional optical read of the MICR line improving its read rate to virtually 100%.

With Modem/Ethernet communication, configurable dual or single sided imaging, integrated keypad, magnetic stripe reader, thermal printer and franker, the RDM SYNERGY II is the only terminal you will need for all your non-cash payments. When the automated franking acknowledgment option is selected, RDM SYNERGY II will print a fixed text message on the front face of the cheque. The franking acknowledgment printer facilitates the requirement for cheque defacement in one simple process, increasing efficiency, which is vital in any payment environment.

RDM SYNERGY II’s compact design minimizes the use of valuable counter space. With no dependency on a PC for application management, RDM SYNERGY II’s simple, straightforward user interface provides a complete payment solution that is quick and easy to use.

Main Features

  • Accepts all form of non-cash payments in one feature-rich compact unit
  • Linux-based operating system for easy application development
  • Modem/Ethernet communication
  • Configurable single or dual-sided imaging, IQA and duplicate detection, MICR correction
  • Multiple application/merchant support with true firewall capabilities (credit, debit, EBT, loyalty, Gift cards, MOTO)
  • Powerful Point of Sale, Back Office, Cheque 21 processing compatibility for Electronic Cheque Conversion (ECC) and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
  • Industry leading single pass progressive MICR method with OCR MICR Assist provides virtually 100% MICR read rate
  • Class A & B certified with major processors and cheque databases


300 MHz DSP and 50 MHz PowerPC with integrated memory management unit and communications

Graphic LCD Display
128 x 64 backlit graphic configurable LCD display with up to 8 lines of text, 21 characters per line

Magnetic Stripe Reader
Three tracks, bidirectional


  • 20 key alphanumeric keypad
  • 4 software configurable, display associated, soft keys

Multiple flash memory options for storing images, user data and client applications


  • CCITT Group 4 compression (ITU T.6) of bi-level image
  • On board IQA (Image Quality Analysis)
  • TIFF 6.0 file format. MICR line with transaction information included in header description tags of check image OCR line with transaction information included in header description tags of bill stub. Image size varies according to document, typically 10kb or less. High quality 200 dpi nominal

Document Size

  • Minimum         : 44mm x 112mm
  • Maximum        : 102mm x 229mm

      E13B MICR character set (optional CMC7) with alphanumeric OCRA and OCRB recognition

150mm x259mm x135mm (W x D x H)


Bidirectional check drive
Visual confirmation of approval disposition of checks

Graphics/Multi Language Capable Thermal printer
24 characters per line, graphics capable, multi-font, multi language

Check Franking Device
Under application control a fixed text message is stamped on the face of the check


  • RJ11 (33,600bps) with internal modem option
  • One (1) RS232 (MINIDIN 9)
  • One (1) powered RS232 (MINIDIN 8)
  • 10BaseT Ethernet RJ45 Jack
  • V.34 (33.6 Kb) internal modem with V.42/V.42bit error correction and data compression


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