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FZ-1181 MICR Encoder


Fuji FZ-1181

High Speed MICR Encoder with Auto-Hopper

FZ-1181 is the international standard MICR encoder that leads in performance, price and quality.


Large-Capacity Auto-Hopper

The FZ-1027 comes with a large-capacity auto-hopper that is capable of accommodating up to 500 documents at once.

Ultra Hi-Speed Encoder

The FZ- 1181 streamlines cheque processing with unbeatable speed. It is capable of encoding cheque at a speed of up to 70 cheque documents per minute.

Impact Technology

With impact technology and stepping motor, the FZ-1181 ensures the readability and durability of the MICR code. The printing is precise and the MICR ink lasts longer. In addition, with what is also known as typewriter technology to fuse MICR ink with the paper, cheque is much more secure from fraud.

Flexible Integration

The FZ-1181 is fully configurable.  Applicable in either off-line (standalone) or online mode, it is most recommended to be integrated with SMARTENCODEā„¢, an application that records all activities associated with cheque issuing, thus preventing redundant cheques and improving chequebooks securities.


Document Feeder
  • Auto Hopper / Auto Feeder
  • 500 documents
MICR Encoder
  • MICR Font : E13B or CMC-7 *Factory option
  • Encoding field : All fields (65 digit)
  • Encoding speed : 70 dpm at 7 digit amount encoded
  • MICR ribbon type : Cassette onetime ribbon *About 65,000 characters can be printed
  • 500 (FZ-1181)/ 100 (FZ-1186)
Keyboard & Display
  • Detackble 39 keys with 24 characters / 1 line x 2 lines LCD with EL back light
Journal Printer
  • 5 x 7 dot matrix shuttle method / 5 x 9 dot matrix shuttle method
  • 35 characters (FZ-1181) / 24 characters (FZ-1186)
On-Line Interface
  • RS-232C (4800,9600,19200bps) *Factory or Dealer option
Document Size
  • Height : 70mm - 110mm
  • Length : 152mm - 230mm
  • Thickness : 0.096 - 0.116mm
Power Supply
  • AC 100-120,220-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 100VA
Dimensions / Weight
  • 690(W) x 495(D) x 150(H)mm / 15kg
  • Variable field encoding
  • Batch totaling & Grand totaling
  • Zero proofing
  • Improved display showing operation guide & error message for correction
  • Cheque digit verification
  • Repeat encoding of any field
  • Auto listing


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