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See our solution to process high volume of cheques efficiently

MICR Cheque Reader, Sorter and Image Scanner (FZA-3165 / FZA-3166)

This range of very high speed document and cheque processing machines gives the customer the possibility to choose the exact configuration needed for his application. It integrates the most up-to-date image capture technology by using a front/rear CCD cameras, a back endorser that also allows to print any bitmap image, a large sorting capacity through the use of up to 36 sorting pockets as well as an extremely high processing speed of up to 270 DPM.

Glori FZA3165 FZA3166 Cheque Reader Sorter

FZA3165 - FZA3166 Cheque Reader-Sorter

FZA-3165 / FZA-3166

MICR Reader with Image Scanner
This unit features a document feeder (auto feeder/auto hopper) with a capacity of 500 documents, an ultrasound double detector, a high performance MICR reader, IJP rear endorser and front/rear CCD Image cameras.
* FZA-3165 --- without Rear endorser
* FZA3166 --- with Rear endorser

Glori FZA 2070


MICR Encoding module
This unit is the option for the E13B MICR encoding with a speed of up to 60 DPM.


Glori FZA 3066

Sorting pocket module
This unit can be equipped with 3 modules of 12 sorting pockets (up to 36 pockets).

Technical Specifications

FZA3165 / 3166 (MICR Reader, Endorser and Image Scanner)

Document Feeder Capacity: 500 documents (0.116mm documents)
MICR Reader Font: E13B or CMC7
Reading speed : 1,269 mm/sec
Endorser Head type : Rear Ink-jet printer
Print position : Vertical :41 mm to 66 mm (from the bottom of document)
  Horizontal: 100 mm from right edge of document
Bitmap printing: Prints bitmap images (Logo, Stamp, Signature)
Printing colour: Black
Image Scanner Camera module : CCD Camera with led light source
Capture side: Front and Rear
Capture area : 150 mm in height
Image mode: Colour (24 bit), Gray Scale (8 bit), Bi-tone(B|ack & White)
Resolution : 200, 240, 300 dpi
Interface with PC : eSATA
Image file format: Bitmap, Jpeg, Tiff
Reading Speed
  Max. 270 dpm (US check<152mm> size)
Document Specifications   Height 70-120, Length 127-230, Thickness 0.096-0.155 mm
PC Communication Interface   USB 2.0
System Recommended PC : DELL Precision T3500
Requirements Operating System : Win XP Pro (SP3 or more), Win Vista (SP1 or more), Win 7 Pro <32 bit
CPU : *Intel Xeon 2.4GHz or more (W3500, X5500 Series or more)
  *Intel Core I5 3.33 GHz or more
Memory : 3.0 GB or more, DDR3 1066 MHz (DDR3-1066) or more
  (We recommend to use the DDR3 1333 MHz or more)
Interface : *PCI Express 2.0 x 16 (x 1 Slot) for Graphic Board
  *SATA Board z PCI Express 2.0 (x 2 slot) for eSATA board
  *USB 2.0 (x 1 port) for PC communication
Monitor : 17 inch LCD (1024 x 768 or higher)
Graphic Card
*NV|DIA GeForce GTS250 or more (Memory 512 MB —1.0 GB)
*NVIDIA Quadro FX3800 or more (Memory 512 MB — 1.0 GB)
eSATA Board
PCI Express bus eSATA I/F board (Chip mounting of the Silicon Image SiI3132)
Power requirements   100 — 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.4A
Dimensions and Weight   FZA3165 : 97OW x 470D x 280H mm / 30 Kg
FZA3166 : 970W x 470D x 280H mm / 32 Kg

FZA2070 (MICR Encoder/ Optional module)

MICR Font   E13B
MICR Encoder Ribbon   Cassette one-time ribbon (65,000 characters/cassette)
IJP printer   Rear Ink-jet printer (Fixed position)

FZA3066 (12 Pockets Sorter)

Number of Pockets   12 pockets (max. 3 modules. Total 36 pockets)
Capacity   300 documents per pocket ( 0.116mm doc.)
Dimension and Weight   1080(W) x 520(D) x 170(H) mm /34 kg
Power Supply   100 - 240 V , 50/60Hz, 2.7 VA

* All Specifications are subject to changes for improvement purposes without any prior notice


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