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Teller Cheque Deposit Solution (TCDS)


Teller Cheque Deposit Solution

SMARTCHEQUENTRY™ helps banks and organisations receiving cheques or other MICR-encoded documents streamline the MICR data entry and make it effortless.


  1. Cheque scanner reads the MICR code and capture the image* of the cheques or other MICR-encoded documents
  2. SMARTCHEQUENTRY™ transforms the MICR data into specific keystrokes that create identical MICR data in the system
  3. SMARTCHEQUENTRY™ allows user to update the data via web-based module
  4. SMARTCHEQUENTRY™ printer enables user to print the data (optional)

*Depend on specifications of the cheque scanner

Help Your Business

  • Automate the data entry process
  • Minimise potential loss due to human error
  • Anticipate cheque fraud
  • Manage cheque inventory effectively
  • Keep operational cost at a minimum by not making any change to the core system
  • Leverage business performance
  • Enhance corporate image

The Result

With SMARTCHEQUENTRY™, banks and organizations receiving cheques or other MICR-encoded documents can improve business efficiency while minimising potential loss due to ineffective and inefficient manual data entry.


High-Speed Scanning

SMARTCHEQUENTRY™ is suitable for high-volume cheque processing due to its applicability with cheque scanner that is capable of reading MICR code at a speed of up to 97 documents per minute.

Image Capturing

Depending on the scanner, SMARTCHEQUENTRY™ is also capable of capturing and storing the image of cheque and other MICR-encoded documents.

Data Updating

When integrated with network, SMARTCHEQUENTRY™ can be accessed via web-based module so that user can update the data

Data Printing

SMARTCHEQUENTRY™ comes with optional built-in printer, by which user can instantly print the data.