RDM MICR Qualifier GTX


RDM MICR Qualifier GTX




Product Overview Key Features

RDM’s MICR Qualifier GTX is the next generation in MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Quality Control Workstations. Developed in response to the needs of bank item processing centers and document printers, the GTX delivers user-friendly features such as a graphical display of MICR characters, analysis of character dimensions, and embedded PDF reporting.

The GTX demystifies the process of identifying reject causes. It facilitates communication between banks, corporations and printers, improving MICR quality and reducing costly rejects.

As a component of RDM’s “Reject Reduction” solution, the MICR Qualifier GTX is an invaluable tool for banks, payment processing centers, corporate clients and check printers. With the advent of laser MICR printing, a change from signal strength problems to MICR character dimensional quality problems has occurred. Using the highest level of detection technology, we test beyond the American Bankers Association (ABA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X9.27 and X9.13 standards.

Analysis Tool - Powerful Reporting

When utilizing the GTX reporting software, banks have, on average, resolved 35% or more of their MICR related problems within 60 days. The speed and efficiency of the GTX allows the preparation for more reports in a shorter period of time.

Scientific Instrument -Cutting Edge Technology

The Qualifier GTX utilizes high-speed, straight-through transports that have reader/sorter grade components with technology that can analyze a document in seconds. The GTX identifies all common problems including; signal level, line format, spacing, MICR line intrusions, extraneous ink, character dimensions and font issues.

Individual character representation and user programmable signal alarm levels ensure the highest level of quality analysis.

The GTX supports multiple international formats and newer digital print technologies such as laser. Ease of use is ensured through user-friendly software and single click operations.