Cheque Truncation System (CTS)

An End to End Cheque Processing Solutions

Banks and financial institutions cannot deny that cheque processing is a business process that is beset with complicated issues:

  • Rejection rate remains high due to poor technology applied in either MICR encoding or MICR reading.
  • Cheque fraud is difficult to detect due to poor technology applied in either cheque issuing or cheque clearing.
  • Cheque processing cost is considerably high due to the banks or financial institutions’ dependence on manual handling or traditional submission of cheque data.
  • Banks and financial often fail to meet the window time due to ineffective and time-consuming cheque processing flow

Considering this complicity, BSS presents to you Cheque Truncation System, an end-to-end cheque processing solution that streamlines your business process to reduce rejection rate, protect your business and customers from cheque fraud, minimise operational cost, and enhance corporate image as a reliable bank or financial institution.

Cheque Truncation System Australia


  • Streamline cheque processing flow
  • Reduce cheque processing time
  • Minimise cheque processing cost
  • Eliminate the need for transportation and courier for delivery of physical documents
  • Reduce the need for paper-based storage and retrieval
  • Produce business intelligence tools for payment pattern monitoring
  • Protect customers from cheque fraud with image-based verifications apart from electronic data
  • Improve customer service with effective reconciliation and verifications processes
  • Minimise the potential of human error during  manual handling  
  • Increase time of customer window for cheque deposit