Cheque Processing Solution

Despite the declining use of cheques (American English: check) across the world, cheque payments will still be sizeable in the next few decades or so. Why? This is because they are arguably the most secure payment “instrument”, especially for high value transactions.

Other reasons include:

  • Cheque values remain more resilient, suggesting that higher value business cheques are more persistent than lower value personal cheques
  • Several industries are still heavily dependent on the use of cheques; such as real estate, NGO, courts, etc.
  • Older generations still widely use cheques especially in regional areas

So now that we’ve established that cheques won’t become obsolete any time soon, there’s a definite need for cheque processing solutions to streamline the process and maximise efficiency in any organisation that handles cheques.

BSS hereby presents you with several turnkey solutions for your end to end cheque processing. These solutions shall encompass upstream cheque processing to downstream processing of cheque including, but not limited to: